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Dp-client is a peer to peer chat client for win32 which is designed for maximum simplicity in its use. No playing around.

Yet there are a number of details to be discovered.

There is no server needed. The application is designed to look for DP-Client chat "Sessions" on the network and spawn one if none was found.

DP-Client runs very stable now after many years of development.

this is a typical DP-Client startup (not version 0.6 but earlier).

After the user pressed the "Force Connect" button, the client checked through a list of computer names on the network (this list can be configured in the preferences), trying to connect to a session of other DP-Client chatters. In this case only one other IP address was configured. The Client found no session, created one of his own and joined it.

As you can see, the client says "creating server". This is not quite true, in fact the client is creating a session. Unlike client-server networking the session persist, even when the server goes offline. This functionality is provided by the Microsoft "Direct Play" component of Direct X which also gives the application its name prefix.


Intended audience:

people @work, people @home



- TCP/IP chat

- @away


Planned Features:

- Modem, Serial, IPX Support

- secure communication ?

- multiple session support - chat room creation



If you plan to use the application on windows NT you should read this warning

Download the full installation version here. It is the same Version as the current update.

If you once installed the application, you can download the current update as .exe here.

The current version is v0.6.



none yet.


Breaking News: DP-Client has been DOWNLOADED !! Join the community and post your comments to the "First Feedback" Forum. Initially, all posts will be answered.

If you have downloaded DP-Client, and want to be informed about updates you can monitor the forum at http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?forum_id=395929

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